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Access Expert IT Support Technicians and Capitalise on Our Premium Monitoring Services, Reduce Day-to-Day IT Issues and Slash Business Downtime.

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IT Support Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Whether you’re looking for a managed IT provider to plug the gaps and support your existing IT team or need to outsource your IT support completely, we have the solution that’s right for you. Our Managed IT solutions provide peace of mind, as we will ensure your IT solutions are always working at their best.

Managed IT services with a customer-focussed approach

Managed IT Services with a Customer-Focussed Approach

When you work with us to support your IT, we really take the time to get to know you, your business and your requirements. We view it as a partnership, as we work closely with you to understand how your IT solutions work within your business and how we can effectively support you going forward.

This approach, combined with our industry-leading knowledge, technical expertise and years of industry experience has enabled us to support businesses like yours to overcome challenges posed by their current IT solutions, improve security and processes and progress their business.

Our Managed IT Services are designed to provide your business with support that is tailored to your exact needs, whether that’s monitoring on-premise systems or maintaining your cloud infrastructure – we’re here to help!

IT Support that’s always there for your business

IT Support That’s Always There For Your Business

Whether it’s monitoring your servers or using secure, remote access to fix an issue that you are experiencing, you can rely on our Managed IT services to keep your business moving. We’ll work with you to analyse your current IT solutions, strategy and infrastructure. By gaining a solid understanding of your business and how you utilise IT we can provide proactive support and plan the best approach to fulfil your needs.

We have a range of service plans and solutions available and are capable of creating a support model that works specifically for your needs. Whether it’s support that bolsters your existing IT resource or fully comprehensive Managed IT service, we’ll work with you to find the right solution for your business.

Reduce day-to-day IT issues and slash business downtime

Reduce Day-to-Day IT Issues and Slash Business Downtime

Technology and systems make up the core of almost every business, whether they are hosted on your own infrastructure, within the cloud or a hybrid of both. Elite have the skills and experience to support your business no matter the size, sector or requirement.

When something goes wrong within your IT systems, downtime is costly and can leave both employees and customers frustrated. With IT support from Elite, we’re there to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and, should the worst happen, your data is backed up and secure, so your business can continue, even if disaster strikes.

Why choose Elite for Managed IT support services

Why Elite for Managed IT Services?

Our team of experts are capable of monitoring, supporting and fixing critical systems to ensure your business processes can continue to run effectively and efficiently.

We understand how important it is to keep your systems secure, so we ensure that all of your solutions are up to date, using the latest security protocols and solutions to safeguard your business from cyber threats.

We invest in our team to ensure their knowledge is up to date with relevant training, so you can rely on our specialists to keep your systems running and secure.

Key Features

Never again face your IT challenges alone.

24/7 Availability

Dedicated first contact and accredited technical contact teams available 24/7/365.

Fully Managed Support Services

Access our broad range of IT support services, solutions and Cloud services, all fully managed.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Audits

Comprehensive audit of your current infrastructure and definition of your technology requirements.

Industry-Leading SLAs

Benefit from clearly defined working practices and industry-leading SLAs against which your support team is measured.

Business Benefits

We’re here to support your business 24/7 with proactive support.

engineers have the knowledge and ability to raise and log cases directly

Expert Knowledge

Elite’s full team of vendor-accredited engineers have the knowledge and ability to raise and log cases directly with vendors on your behalf.

Allow Elite Support Services to become your employees’ first contact

End User Filtering

IT Managers regularly spend days in the office helping users with login issues instead of focusing on strategy. Allow Elite Support Services to become your employees’ first contact and free IT Managers to focus on strategic system improvements.

Elite have solutions that support your business 24/7 so you’re always covered

Out of Hours Support

With the shift in working patterns away from a standard 9 - 5 model, Elite have solutions that support your business 24/7, so you’re always covered.

Elite can install probes on your main systems to monitor

Proactive System Monitoring

Elite can install probes on your main systems to monitor and proactively pick up issues before they result in business downtime.

Elite set up secure access to your systems using an industry-leading support client

Minimal Disruption

As part of onboarding, Elite set up secure access to your systems using an industry-leading support client. For end user support we use a web-based support portal meaning there is no need to install software onto machines.


We had a real desire to move our systems and data into Azure and Elite enabled this to happen. The transition from old to new was seamless and by using the team at Elite Group we were able to literally work our way through it as if they were members of my own team and that’s the key part, it felt like I was working with them.

Matthew Brown | IT Manager

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