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Using effective messaging and professional voice artists, Elite provides voicing solutions to support your business objectives with IVR solutions available in over 40 languages.

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allow incoming callers to access information via a voice response system

Streamline Your Customer Service Processes with Call Queuing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) uses automation to allow incoming callers to access information via a voice response system of pre-recorded messages. As one of the UK’s leading IVR providers, Elite supplies businesses, nationwide, with both standard and bespoke solutions.

Equipped with a high-quality IVR solution, each call your business receives is dealt with quickly and effectively. Business processes are streamlined, customer service is improved, sales are increased and operational costs are reduced.


Bespoke IVR Solutions for High Quality Customer Service

Elite’s bespoke IVR solutions supports voice-recognition, ensure no call goes unanswered and greets each caller in a professional manner.

For businesses that experience a high volume of inbound calls, an IVR solution equipped with call queuing is a game-changer.

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Key Features

Whatever tone of voice you require, whatever message you need to deliver, Elite's highly skilled scriptwriters will create messaging to match.

Call Queuing

Invite callers into intelligent network queues, with the option of implementing multiple queues at once, each with custom music, comfort messages, and queue position announcements.

IVR menus

Allow callers to navigate through IVRs with custom menu options, such as “press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer care etc”. Multiple levels can be set within an IVR menu, each with custom audio and call routes.

Call Ratio and Hunt Groups

Share inbound call traffic proportionally across as many devices, groups, or sites as required. Call ratios can be monitored and adjusted in real-time to ensure no one group is overwhelmed.

API Integration

Integrate the IVR solution with existing applications such as CRM or back office applications to access real-time data updates.

Business Benefits

Reduce hold times, simplify your system

Improved Customer Experience

Reduce hold times, simplify your system and make an excellent first impression, so customers come back again and again.

Create a strong, professional image

Create a Stronger Brand Image

Create a strong, professional image by employing a technology proven to enhance customer perceptions.

Ensure your IVR system delivers a high-quality experience

High Quality Recording

Ensure your IVR system delivers a high-quality experience with voicing solutions recorded using the latest equipment and software.

Cater to an international audience

Multilingual Options

Cater to an international audience with IVR voicing solutions available in over 40 languages.

Optimise your messaging with voice actors

Choose Your Voice

Optimise your messaging with voice actors who speak in received pronunciation or regional and international accents.

Elite Green Certified Partner

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. TalkTalk Business has reduced its carbon footprint of its offices and data centres by more than 60% and are continuously progressing on their journey to becoming a net zero business. Partnering with TalkTalk contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


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Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


Our online portal guarantees your security when making changes to your call routing services.


Our Technical Consultants ensure your business can communicate internally and externally anytime, anywhere.


Instantly benefit from a suite of Cloud-based call routing and IVR services that reduce costs and enhance staff productivity.


Cloud-based services reduce costs, increase flexibility and control, and allow you to engineer improved profitability.


When we looked at our existing suppliers, side-by-side, Elite stood out as the provider who looked after our needs the best. Elite were always available to speak with when we contacted them, ready to offer advice and we had access to a dedicated account manager who ensured our needs were always being met. It made sense that we would look to shift all communications to them.

Tom Robson | Resources and Communication Coordinator

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