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Create a single, flexible hybrid cloud environment with a mixture of services and solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Make Your Business More Agile with Hybrid Cloud From Elite

Hybrid Cloud provides a wealth of benefits who need to improve flexibility within their data deployment options, as each hybrid environment is designed to serve the specific need of your business. From desktop virtualisation that enables your team to work from anywhere to improved scalability, Hybrid Cloud gives you the flexibility to progress your business.

Harness the power of the Cloud with Hybrid Cloud solutions

Harness the Power of the Cloud with Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid cloud combines private (on-premise) cloud and public (off-premise) cloud infrastructures to allow data to move between the two connected environments. Every hybrid cloud environment is unique as its architecture will depend on the needs of the business.

As one size does not fit all in the modern corporate world, Elite provides businesses with a mixture of services to meet specific needs, including Azure Cloud and Infrastructure/Server Virtualisation.

Hybrid cloud enables businesses to have the flexibility to support remote employees, as well as employees who are working across different offices. It keeps private, sensitive data away from those who don’t need access to it, by keeping it within the private on-premise servers, whilst keeping key applications that all team members need access to, available on the public cloud.

Is Hybrid Cloud solutions right for your business?

Is Hybrid Cloud Right For Your Business?

Although one of the biggest advantages of Hybrid Cloud solutions is that it can drive cost savings, the most important value it can provide for a business is supporting your digital transformation. It allows your business to adapt and change core processes within your businesses quickly and efficiently, as well as organise your data in a way that serves your business, its needs and its objectives the best.

If your business is looking to move to the cloud, but you would prefer to make the transition gradually rather than all in one go – Hybrid Cloud could be the way to go. You will have the ability to store some of your workloads on a public cloud or within a small-scale private cloud. As you go, you can assess what works for your business and continue expanding your cloud presence in a way that works for you, either in public cloud, private cloud or a mixture of both.

Why choose Elite for your Hybrid Cloud solutions

Why Elite for Hybrid Cloud?

We understand that your business, its processes and its goals are unique, so it deserves to have access to systems that meet those needs with tailored functions. Hybrid Cloud from Elite are purpose-built environments that provide all the features your business requires.

We can deploy a mixture of services to meet your needs, including Azure Cloud, Infrastructure/Server Virtualisation, either within your data center or our data centres.

How Can Hybrid Cloud Be Used Within Your Business?

To get a feel of how Hybrid Cloud can benefit your business, here’s a few common uses and opportunities Hybrid Cloud can provide.


Digital Transformation

When it comes to businesses modernising their IT infrastructure, moving their business across to the cloud may raise concerns with legacy applications or compliance. Hybrid Cloud enables businesses to migrate parts of their IT infrastructure, whilst keeping some applications on premise.


Secure Back-up

Hybrid cloud enables helps organisations to replicate securely back up data in the cloud. Should something go wrong in the data centre, organisations can rely on the workloads and data stored in the cloud environment to continue their operations.


Cost-effective Development

Developing and testing applications within public cloud is faster and more cost-effective, as it removes the need to purchase and set up on-premise hardware.


Dynamic Workloads

Hybrid cloud is really useful for dynamic or variable workloads as additional resources within the public cloud can accommodate spikes in demand.

Key Features

Partner with Elite for a seamless hybrid cloud integration.

Control Your Journey

Hybrid Cloud allows you to begin your infrastructure transformation journey and modernise at your own pace.

Application Development and Hosting

Develop bespoke applications and host them in the Cloud, so they can be used by any of your employees, wherever they are.

Virtual desktops and storage

Allow your employees to access virtual desktops and data storage that are always optimised, regularly updated and highly secure.

MI and Data Metrics

Access real-time Management Information (MI) and Data Metrics to always know where your business is at right now and where it needs to be.

Case Study - LED Leisure

Since seamlessly moving to the cloud, LED Leisure have managed to save in the region of £100,000 on costs and now have a flexible set-up where they can open pop-up sites with ease. Check out the video to see how this was achieved.

Business Benefits

quick and easy scalability

Easy Scalability

Hybrid Cloud solutions and applications allow for quick and easy scalability, so whatever you need, be it today or tomorrow, it’s always accessible.

Pay only for what you need

Highly Cost-Effective

Pay only for what you need. As your business evolves you can simply add or remove new Hybrid Cloud services, meaning large CAPEX investments are heavily reduced.

Low latency applications at remote locations

Improved Performance

Low latency applications at remote locations often benefit from a Hybrid Cloud solution, as computing occurs closer to the end-users.

enterprise applications anywhere they have an internet connection

24/7/365 Remote Access

Enable your workforce to access enterprise applications anywhere they have an internet connection.

quick and easy scalability

Improved ROI

By adding a Public Cloud provider to your existing on-premise infrastructure you expand your Cloud footprint without spending more on data centre costs.


The Elite team is very professional. If you go to them with an issue, the team looks around the problem, works out what the business needs and comes up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.

Daniel Frear | Head of IT, Alfa Travel

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Microsoft's sustainable practices include becoming carbon negative by 2030 and aiming to be the largest purchaser of renewable energy, whilst VMWare became a Carbon Neutral® company across its global operations. HPE developed a tool that calculates the total energy consumption of HPE products during their use phase.


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