Ethernet Point to Point

Directly connect two separate premises together via a high speed, reliable, and ultra-secure Ethernet Point to Point connection.

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How does ethernet point-to-point work for business?

How Does Ethernet Point to Point Work?

Ethernet Point to Point is a powerful means of connecting two geographically separate premises together with a fast, reliable and highly secure Ethernet connection.

This solution uses the same technology as Ethernet Leased Lines, but does not have an integrated link to the internet. Instead, by connecting two points together, it allows data and applications to be shared between locations with low latency, high speed and formidable security.

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Is Ethernet Point to Point Right For My Business?

Ethernet Point to Point and enables you to extend your business’s network across two locations, securely.

The service is ideal for businesses that want to connect two LANs (Local Area Networks) together to create a WAN (Wide Area Network). Alternatively, it can be used to build a ‘hub-and-spoke WAN’ used to keep business-critical resources in main site to then be shared with other sites.


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Key Features

Create powerful WAN functionality for fast, stable and highly secure internal workflows.

Massive Bandwidth

As Ethernet Point to Point is a dedicated service, if offers extremely high bandwidth with options up to 10Gps.

Guaranteed Service

Ethernet Point to Point is supplied with enterprise-grade Ethernet SLAs that provide guaranteed speeds.

Technical Support

The service includes fully managed provisioning and in-life support so any issues can be quickly rectified.


Ethernet Point to Point is available with an enterprise-grade grade router or as a Wires Only service, leaving you to choose your own hardware.

Business Benefits

Ethernet Point to Point offers bandwidth options that scale up to 10Gbps

Outstanding Performance

As a dedicated, direct Ethernet connection, Ethernet Point to Point offers bandwidth options that scale up to 10Gbps with virtually zero latency between sites.

Enable fast and reliable workflows with an uncontended Ethernet connection

Boost Productivity

Enable fast and reliable workflows with an uncontended Ethernet connection that ensures you always have the bandwidth you need.

Deploy your Ethernet Point to Point in a way that suits you

Flexible Configuration

Deploy your Ethernet Point to Point in a way that suits you. If you would rather use your own routers, we can provide a Wires-Only service.

Enjoy a streamlined order journey

Easy Onboarding

Enjoy a streamlined order journey with regular and simple updates and rapid delivery timescales.

Ethernet products protect against loss of business from faults

Protect Budgets

Ethernet products protect against loss of business from faults on slower-to-repair traditional broadband lines.

Case Study - Chantelle Lighting

Bespoke, decorative lighting manufacturer, Chantelle Lighting, were looking for a connectivity solution that enabled them to move their business-critical applications away from their on-premise server and transfer their communications to the cloud. Watch this short clip to see how a resilient, leased lines solution from Elite enabled Chantelle Lighting to achieve these objectives.

Elite Green Certified Partner

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. Gamma's sustainable practices include: being a fully certified carbon neutral company who purchase 100% renewable energy to power their businesses in the UK. Convergence Group attained certification for ISO14001:2015 which demonstrates their commitment to reducing their environmental impacts and protecting the environment Partnering with Gamma and Convergence Group contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


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Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


Elite Ethernet Point to Point is part of a secure and resilient connectivity infrastructure that keeps your business and your people safe.


The service ensures your business locations are connected to each other using the most secure, resilient, and dedicated method.


Ethernet Point to Point can be deployed as either a primary or backup connection to ensure your business is ‘always on’.


Maximise your ROI by ensuring your business is always online, with enterprise-grade speeds, best-in-class SLAs, and flexible resilience options.


When we looked at our existing suppliers, side-by-side, Elite stood out as the provider who looked after our needs the best. Elite were always available to speak with when we contacted them, ready to offer advice and we had access to a dedicated account manager who ensured our needs were always being met. It made sense that we would look to shift all communications to them.

Tom Robson | Resources and Communication Coordinator

Interested in Ethernet Point to Point?

Whether you're looking to get the ball rolling with a SOGEA solution from Elite or you're in need of advice on what is the best option for you, our team is here to help! Fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch!

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