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Maximise security and speed of access to your Public Cloud services with Cloud Connect from Elite.

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Cloud connect solutions with quality service

An Enterprise-Level Cloud Solution

Cloud Connect provides a direct link into many of the largest Cloud Service Provider platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Salesforce.

In delivering the service, Elite connects our core network to yours and also to your chosen Cloud provider with dedicated bandwidth based on your business requirements

Enterprise level cloud connect solutions

Cloud Solutions with Quality Service

Once configured, when your network users access resources in the Cloud, the primary path taken is the one created via Cloud Connect. The service also comes with Quality of Service guarantees and performance related SLAs.

Our team of expert specialists can help you to get the most out of your cloud solutions and be there to help you with any queries or support requests you have. 

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Key Features

Join the fast lane to cloud functionality.

Enterprise-Grade SLAs

Enterprise-grade SLAs allow you to connect to the Cloud with confidence, knowing performance and security are guaranteed.

Reliable and Resilient Network

Our reliable and resilient network provides a range of security options, including managed Firewalls and VPN solutions to encrypt your online traffic.

High Speed Availability

Cloud Connect can facilitate speeds of up to 10Gbps so your business can perform at optimal levels at all times.

Extensive Choice of Providers

Cloud Connect provides private connectivity into all major UK Cloud Service Providers as well as many more across the globe.

Case Study - LED Leisure

Since seamlessly moving to the cloud, LED Leisure have managed to save in the region of £100,000 on costs and now have a flexible set-up where they can open pop-up sites with ease. Check out the video to see how this was achieved.

Business Benefits

your data receives an added layer of protection

Boost Your Security

By circumventing standard internet traffic your data receives an added layer of protection that is backed up by enterprise-grade SLAs.

your data receives an added layer of protection

Ramp Up Productivity

With Cloud Connect, you access the bandwidth that’s right for your business, meaning your workforce can always operate at speed and without interruption.

Elite have perfected a streamlined order journey

Rapid Deployment

Elite have perfected a streamlined order journey that provides customers with regular updates and rapid delivery timescales.

we offer a range of contract options from 12 months through to 5 years

Flexible Terms

To ensure you secure a contract that works for your business, we offer a range of contract options from 12 months through to 5 years.

you will enjoy unfettered, secure access

High Availability

With private connectivity into all the major Cloud Service Providers in the UK and many globally, you will enjoy unfettered, secure access.


The Elite team is very professional. If you go to them with an issue, the team looks around the problem, works out what the business needs and comes up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.

Daniel Frear | Head of IT, Alfa Travel


Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


Connect directly to the cloud over a secure, carrier connectivity infrastructure.


Ensure uninterrupted collaboration by connecting to your cloud data using the most secure, stable, and rapid method available today.


Deploy Cloud Connect as single or dual link designs and maximise business productivity by ensuring your cloud services are ‘always on’.


Maximise ROI with enterprise-grade SLAs, industry-leading service, and flexible connectivity options.

Elite Green Certified Partner

We are dedicated to partnering with providers who share our aim of working towards a more sustainable future.

Convergence Group attained certification for ISO14001:2015, which demonstrates their commitment to reducing their environmental impact and protecting the environment.

Partnering with Convergence Group contributes to our commitment of becoming a sustainable company.


Your Experience is Our Priority

Customer Rating


Of customers rated our service as either good or excellent.

Customer Satisfaction


Above the industry average CSAT Score.

Response Time


You can rely on a quick answer to your support request.

Connect directly to the Cloud with Elite

Whether you're looking to get the ball rolling with Cloud Connect from Elite or you're in need of advice on what is the best option for you, our team is here to help! Fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch!

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