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Maintain speed, reliability and security as your business grows with superior LAN Networking.

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High performing Lan networking solutions

High-Performance LAN Networking Solutions

Fast and secure networks make up the backbone of modern businesses. Networks can be limited to a single office or spread across multiple sites, but all serve the same purpose – to enable data to travel between devices and users as quickly and securely, as possible.

Elite provide LAN Switching options for any network size and layout including Mesh, Star Bus, Ring and Hybrid. We understand the speed and ease with which your data is accessed by your users is vital in encouraging and maintaining productivity.

Access full bandwidth Lan networking

Access Full Bandwidth Potential with LAN Networking

With LAN Networking, configuration is simple and your team can benefit from high speeds and centrally managed software and resources.

As the size of your datasets grow and as more devices are connected, the more important it becomes to maintain performance while ensuring security and reliability remain optimal. Elite LAN Networking means these critical objectives can be achieved.

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Key Features

Fast, secure and easily scalable LAN Networks

Latest LAN Technologies

Future-proof your digital infrastructure with the market’s latest LAN technologies on the market today.

High-Availability Modular Switches

Connect high-traffic computing hardware to multiple LAN switches and access full bandwidth potential.

Central Cloud-Based Management

Manage all aspects of your network in the Cloud to control security, number of users, and overall performance.

Distributed Network Analytics

Acquire real time-visibility into your network’s bandwidth performance, traffic patterns, and connected users.

Case Study - LED Leisure

LED Leisure were experiencing some reliability and connectivity issues with their previous connections. Elite worked with LED Leisure to provide a solution that worked for their business and they no longer receive complaints from staff members about dropped lines and poor connectivity. Check out the video to see how we did this.

Business Benefits

Choose how your network is managed

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose how your network is managed with cloud-managed options available, including bandwidth up to 100Gbps and various interface types.

Deploy a range of LAN access switches to support specific business goals

Networks Designed Around Business Goals

Deploy a range of LAN access switches to support specific business goals that network software can then achieve using AI and Machine Learning.

Elite switches have high security embedded throughout

Secure and Intelligent

Elite switches have high security embedded throughout and help your network continuously learn and evolve to meet changing business needs.


Fit for SMEs

Not just for large corporations, Elite's latest networking technology provides time and cost savings for businesses of any type or size.

Enjoy a streamlined order journey

Easy Onboarding

Enjoy a streamlined order journey with regular and simple updates and rapid delivery timescales.

Elite Green Certified Partner

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. Our LAN networking partners' efforts to reduce their impact on the environment contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


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Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


A correctly configured switch infrastructure can add or enhance digital security across multiple levels.


Simple and healthy networks increase the speed at which data can be shared between departments or individual users and can support Unified Communications, such as live sharing, messaging, video calls, and telephony.


A fast and reliable network can greatly improve employee performance by regulating the speed with which data can be accessed and uploaded.


Correctly configured, maintained, and managed a healthy network supports all areas of the business. Systems that once required their own networks, such as telephony can share the same lines as your data, reducing overheads and complexities.


When we looked at our existing suppliers, side-by-side, Elite stood out as the provider who looked after our needs the best. Elite were always available to speak with when we contacted them, ready to offer advice and we had access to a dedicated account manager who ensured our needs were always being met. It made sense that we would look to shift all communications to them.

Tom Robson | Resources and Communication Coordinator

Interested in LAN Networking?

Whether you're looking to get the ball rolling with a LAN networking solution from Elite or you're in need of advice on what is the best option for you, our team is here to help! Fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch!

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