Create a technology infrastructure with tomorrow in mind. Our team of experts are here to help you bolster your infrastructure with industry-leading solutions.

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Store and Protect Your Business Data with Elite Group

Your data is your business. Not only do you need the space to store it, you need the safeguards in place to keep moving should disaster strike. From brand new machines to instant disaster recovery, Elite Group provides solutions for the data challenges of the digital age.

The Latest Solutions For All Data Challenges

Laptops and Peripherals

Choose from a range of desktop hardware from laptops to printers and everything in between.


Storage Systems

Future-proof your storage investment to drive value and performance for today and tomorrow.


Disaster Recovery

Quickly and reliably revive business operations and processes, should disaster strike.


Data Backups

Eliminate downtime with a simple, powerful solution that protects all of your workloads.


Servers and Visualisation

Equip your business with a server infrastructure that delivers results today and tomorrow.

The right infrastructure can safeguard your data

We're Here to Safeguard Your Data

The world of business is the most technologically advanced it has ever been, which has brought a wealth of benefits from communication to improving the experience of our customers.

However, as technology has advanced so have the threats to business data. At Elite Group, we understand the reality of today’s cyber security landscape and we are here to ensure that your data is suitably protected.

infrastructure can protect your business

Let's Work Together to Disaster-Proof Your Business

From security backing up your data to creating a comprehensive disaster-recovery plan, our team of specialists are here to help you to safeguard your business.

We’ll work together to identify the needs of your business and match those needs with solutions that fulfil them exactly.


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Business Benefits

Increase your team

Tailor-Made Solution

Our expert team will analyse and identify your business's needs and find solutions that provide the perfect protection for your data.

We will find business broadband solutions with your budget in mind


Peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and you have a team of experts to help you get back on your feet should a disaster happen.

Protect your infrastructure with cyber crime protection

Cyber-Crime Protection

In the unlikely event that someone within your business deliberately erases data, Elite Group backup solutions can reduce the impact or even completely reverse the action.

There are legal requirements for organisations to retain copies of data for set periods of time

Regulatory Alignment

There are legal requirements for organisations to retain copies of data for set periods of time. A simple and well-defined backup process makes this task easy to perform and maintain.

your workforce needs the latest hardware that can offer both performance and reliability

The Latest Hardware

To perform at optimal levels, your workforce needs the latest hardware that can offer both performance and reliability. With Elite Group, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

Elite Group Green Certified Partners

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. Our infrastructure partners' efforts to reduce their impact on the environment contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


Your Experience is Our Priority

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Why Choose Us?

Elite Group are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive, and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


Access to the latest security software, applications and platforms from leading, global brands.


Equip your workforce with next-generation collaboration tools and hardware from the world’s top vendors.


A robust RPO and RTO strategy limits the impact of data loss and downtime, meaning your business quickly returns to full productivity.


A comprehensive DR policy not only reduces the immediate financial cost of data loss but also the long-term cost of reputational damage.


The Elite Group team is very professional. If you go to them with an issue, the team looks around the problem, works out what the business needs and comes up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.

Daniel Frear | Head of IT, Alfa Travel

Interested in Improving Your Business's Infrastructure?

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