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Take advantage of a feature-rich unified communications solution whilst retaining full control by keeping your hardware on-site or in a Private Cloud.

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An Enhanced Communications Experience Under Your Control

We’re proud to be a Mitel Platinum Partner, which means we can provide a Mitel on-premise phone system that enables access to a range of features that enhances the experience of both your employees and your customers. With the phone system remaining within your business premises, you are in control of your solution.

Why choose an on-premise phone system at Elite?

Why Choose an On-Premise Phone System?

MiVoice Business is an on-premise phone system is an easy-to-implement solution that provides a wealth of features and benefits for your business and your customers. Integrate multiple communication channels, such as voice, messaging, collaboration tools and more within one solution delivered on-premise.

If you prefer to have full control of your phone system, an on-premise phone system is the an ideal solution as it provides all the features needed to transform your communications, but as it is hosted on-premise, you still have full control.

What are the benefits of Elite

What are the Benefits of an On-Premise Phone System?

A Mitel on-premise phone system can help you to take your business to the next level by enhancing productivity, streamlining processes and enabling your team to work more efficiently.

With it’s easy to use features, it will take less time for your team to adapt to your new system and have more time to take advantage of your solution’s benefits to increase productivity. Features such as ‘presence’ and incorporating multiple communication channels within one solution allows your team to communicate more effectively, work in a way that’s best for them and pass on calls to the relevant person quickly and efficiently.

Empower your team to communicate effectively with Elite

Empower Your Team to Communicate Efficiently

Unleash the full power of digital communications within your own private and secure space. With an on-premise telephony solution from Elite, your team can communicate in new ways and it can be easily integrated within your existing business systems.

Our expert team can help you to find the business telephone system that meets your needs, exactly, to improve your customer’s experience with your business and to empower your team to work together more efficiently.



Why choose Elite for your phone system solutions

Why Choose a Mitel On-Premise Phone System From Elite?

We’re proud to be a Mitel Platinum Partner, which means you have access to our highly trained, in-house specialists. Our close relationship with Mitel means that we can offer the latest technology and bespoke solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Our partner status is testament to our service, knowledge and experience, so you can rely on us to help you find the right Mitel solution for your business and to help you get the most out of it.

Key Features

Future-proof your communications for the digital age with an ultra-secure UC On-Premise solution from Elite.

Modern Telephony Hardware

Transform your physical telephony with modern desktop phones, attendant consoles, softphones and a range of accessories.

Rich Communication Features

Experience the full potential of digital telephony with features that include DDI, voicemail, conference calling, call control, messaging and more.

Easy Usability

Equip your workforce with an intuitive service designed with the user in mind, providing each employee with the functionality and usability they need to perform.

Global Potential

The UC On-Premise solutions Elite provides are designed for both single site and multi-site global networks.

Case Study - Chantelle Lighting

Following challenges brought about by the pandemic, Chantelle Lighting, a bespoke decorative lighting manufacturer, were looking for a solution to enable effective communication, both within the office and from home. Watch this short clip to see how 8x8 excelled the way of working for Chantelle Lighting.

Business Benefits

Transform your business communications securely and efficiently with a Mitel on-premise phone system from Elite.

strengthen conversations both internally with colleagues

Better External and Internal Communication

Using a suite of digital-first communication tools, strengthen conversations both internally with colleagues, or externally with clients and partners.

infrastructure is not shared with any third party

Security and Control

The nature of UC On-Premise solutions means your new infrastructure is not shared with any third party, granting you absolute security and control.

new features and users added and removed both easily and quickly

Scale with Ease

UC On-Premise solutions through Elite are designed to be adaptable to your business performance with new features and users added and removed both easily and quickly.

Quickly integrate new tools and services

Supercharge Productivity

Quickly integrate new tools and services with your existing key business systems and allow your workforce to work with greater speed and efficiency.

Grant your employees access to your UC platform

Enable Better Remote Working

Grant your employees access to your UC platform from their mobile devices and empower them to work and collaborate at optimal levels wherever they are.


Due to my technology background, I immediately knew that our existing telephony system was not fit for purpose, especially during the stresses of the pandemic. It was a high priority to support our staff and our customers with the demands of the new way of working. We needed a system that we could use onsite, on the go and from home, which we could manage ourselves, but still have support on hand.

Vanessa Worsley | Director of Finance, Urban Bliss

On Premise Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Green Certified Partners

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim.

Mitel are committed to protecting the environment and reducing pollution through encouraging green practices both in the office and through their partners.


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