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Get intelligent, self-managing, next generation data storage coupled with Elite’s qualified, professional services to ensure smooth, successful deployment.

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Securely Store Your Data with Storage Solutions from Elite

Addressing the many data challenges modern businesses face today is difficult enough without having to deal with the headaches and disruption managing legacy storage solutions causes.

Supplied by Elite, HPE Nimble Storage makes it easy to start leveraging the power and agility of next-generation storage. The solution transforms and future-proofs your storage ownership experience, eliminating the stress of purchasing, managing or upgrading your systems.

upgrade your storage experience to a fast, agile, always-on platform

Simple Yet Strong Storage Solutions

Forget all that time wasted managing storage and fighting fires. Instead, upgrade your storage experience to a fast, agile, always-on platform that supports everything from virtual machines to testing and development, while effortlessly extending across Hybrid Cloud. Making delivery, management and maintenance simply, easy and cost effective.

Enjoy a unique storage ownership experience and focus on innovating and propelling your business into the future.


Key Features

Empower your business with a storage solution that prepares your business for the digital age.

High availability, integrity, and resiliency

Access an enterprise-grade platform with proven and guaranteed 99.9% availability, extreme data integrity, and industry-leading resiliency.

AI-driven predictive intelligence

Count on AI-driven predictive intelligence to ensure your apps are always-on and always-fast. Get full visibility of storage, virtual machines and applications with real-time, actionable recommendations to keep you optimised, always.

True data mobility

Benefit from true data mobility and effortless Cloud backup as you realise the benefits of Hybrid Cloud for your apps and data.

Industry-leading service

By procuring HPE Nimble Storage through Elite, you not only get access to the solution itself but a full service-wrap if ever there’s a problem.

Business Benefits

Eliminate wasted resources with a predictive management model

Achieve Autonomous Storage

Eliminate wasted resources with a predictive management model that analyses millions of sensors every second, predicting and preventing problems.

Use Multi-Cloud Flash storage for seamless movement of data

Enable Seamless Data Transfer Across Clouds

Use Multi-Cloud Flash storage for seamless movement of data between on-site and Cloud systems and optimise tools and services from analytics to data protection.

Unique experiences with Elite

A Unique Ownership Experience

Future-proof your storage with all-inclusive licensing, non-disruptive controller upgrades, efficiency and uptime guarantees, flat support pricing and flexible consumption options.

99.9% availability

99.9% Availability

Eradicate unplanned downtime, performance compromises and missed SLAs with proven 99.9% availability guaranteed.

Best-in-class data efficiency

Best-in-Class Data Efficiency

Spend less on all-flash storage with a guarantee that more application data can be stored in the same or less capacity than any competing solution.

Elite Green Certified Partners

As part of our aim to be a sustainable company, we are committed to partnering with brands whose business practices align with this aim. Our storage partners' efforts to reduce their impact on the environment contributes to our ability to operate in a more sustainable way.


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Why Choose Us?

Elite are experts in helping businesses collaborate and communicate in a secure, productive and profitable way, wherever you or your employees are located.


Enjoy enterprise-grade security and encrypted datasets that remove the need for expensive Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs) and any associated performance costs.


Maximise agility and workforce collaboration by unlocking the full Cloud experience across your business.


Keep apps running non-stop and at peak performance with predictive analytics, sub-millisecond latency, 99.9% availability and advanced data integrity protection that extends to the Cloud.


Experience flexible, independent scaling of computer processing and storage and industry-leading data efficiency to facilitate intelligent, secure business growth.


The Elite team is very professional. If you go to them with an issue, the team looks around the problem, works out what the business needs and comes up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.

Daniel Frear | Head of IT, Alfa Travel

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